• Kristen Wright

    How would this apply to global footers which are collapsible/expandable?

  • Emory Rowland

    Wow, that was a long time coming. Definitive answer to an ancient question. Give us more of these!

  • Arpit

    I was very much confused about this hidden links that if any webmaster use the Ajax and java script with a proper way, than it will not consider as spam in Google guidelines. So, Today i got my answer. Thanks matt.

  • Andri Yarusman

    well okay … it is more to humans user than bots , if your visitors like this kind of hidden text , all se bots will also like …

  • Hemant Malav

    Hi Andrew,

    Ajax could create problem for bots but I don’t
    think Java script content will be hidden from search engines. You cannot
    standarized the code which should be used to hide content. So Google
    should not have any problem in it. Java script code is sent by server or
    page load however Ajax might involve page post back.

  • http://www.seoidiots.info/ Sujit Kumar Lucky

    its just about user experience, we can’t just for bot purpose force design to be legacy and ugly !! i think it good Technic to use tabs, and div flip or toogle hide show text ! just improve user experience and people love, stay on site long time so search engine should also like this !

  • http://www.eservices-india.com/ eservicesindia

    google itself says focus on user behavior so then what mean for focusing on these stuffs; These are latest of Design, we must use it !!