• http://twitter.com/alexwebmaster1 Alex Garrido

    lol. Pretty much eternal job security for Matt. As longest there is a way to rank in Google, there will be spammers trying to beat the system.

  • John Nagle

    It’s not impossible to stop search spam. You have to take a tough line on marginal businesses. If the business behind a commercial web site can’t be identified as a legitimate real-world business, it shouldn’t be on the first page of search results. That will crush most scraper sites, phony businesses, and other bottom feeders. That leaves only the big well-known spammers, like Demand Media and AOL. Those you blacklist explicitly.

    If Google applied this criterion to their search, 36% of their AdSense customer sites, and about 10% of Google’s revenue, would disappear. That’s why Google search will continue to have spam.

    Bing, though, has potential. They don’t have a Doubleclick/AdSense type revenue stream to protect. Bing could take a tougher line on spam than Google.