• https://serps.com Scott

    Any news on if they have fixed some of the loading time issues? It’s just maddening how long that little widget can slow down page loads.

  • http://www.redmudmedia.com Ralph

    @Scott Good question, I was just wondering that myself as we wanted to add it to a client site, but saw this article by @aaronpeters

  • Aaron McNeil

    Boy, Canada never gets in on the goodies : / Tis a shame!

  • http://www.webroads.net W.R.

    Can’t wait to see it in action…

  • http://seo-websiteoptimization.blogspot.com Divy


    One of my client has added it too, but i found it pretty good… i hope it works well in a long run..

  • T.P.G.

    The thing is that if Google pushes people into using +1 by integrating with its search, then it runs the risk of further lowering the relevance of its search results…

  • http://www.valexdesign.com Val Pereyaslavets

    As promised +1 is not going to affect search result. I see it more like voting for your webpages.