• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Thanks for this lesson Josh…even though I have been using Excel for years I still have not perfected macros, so this (and your other lessons will help me for sure!)

  • http://www.architechsw.com pavlicko


    The link for creating a table of contents was great – works beautifully.

    Also, a little tip for making macros easier to use that I’ve found –
    drag a shape on to the worksheet (doesn’t matter which shape, box, square, circle, whatever…)
    type in whatever the name of the function (remove empty cells, find cell, etc.)
    rt. click and assign macro – pick the name of the macro you already created and presto – now you have a clickable macro box you can place anywhere on the page. I like this much better than having to remember the assigned macros shortcut key.