• linclark

    Drupal has had Schema.org support since June 8, and WordPress has plugins too, so WebNode is definitely not the first CMS with Schema.org support.

    Also, Good Relations is not an opposing kind of markup from Microdata. Good Relations is a vocabulary like Schema.org. The creator of Good Relations has worked with the Schema.org team to make sure that both vocabularies can be used together.

    Microdata is a syntax, and RDFa is a different syntax. When you are using Microdata, you don’t have to worry about what RDF triples it produces. Since the mapping from Microdata and RDF hasn’t been finalized by the W3C yet, it’s actually impossible to know what the accurate triples are.

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    I don’t suppose you could name the case studies that showed a 30% increase? I’m doing some research in to this myself at the moment and would love to read more about them.