• Pat

    “In theory, credibility works the same way in the virtual world as it does in the real world.”

    the virtual world’s ‘experts’ and ‘promoters’ Venn diagram has a much smaller overlap region than the real. virtual promoters are vastly more effective at promoting things that lack any real substance. in your head picture it… the overlap’s important, but look at the size of the virtual promoters circle, it’s huge. that it doesn’t trump real’s overlap size is weird… maybe not, people know it’s not as real as real.

  • http://www.steelcast.com Jordan Kasteler

    @Pat – Yes, agreed there, they are vastly different. They are not the same but “in theory” they are close to working the same way.

  • http://www.modani.com Rafael Montilla

    Clients do not want to understand, the SEO has chaned, SEO can not stand by itself any more, SEO can not be done without Social Media Marketing but SMM can be done by itself.

    The Gold of each Website is to become an Authority site on its field and the best way to get there, is improving brand’s credibility as you said.

    Author / Social Authority is a great tip!

  • http://www.steelcast.com Jordan Kasteler

    @Rafael – you are correct! thanks!

  • http://www.4tegroup.com Larry Fedin

    Grat info, its tough now a days to keep up with the ever changing algorithms Google curves our current knowledge with. It seems most important to look long term. Keep it fresh, and keep it working. Blog about things that are up and coming, and stay on topic to continue capturing the interest of the repeat readers. SEO will always be a great topic ha.