• http://www.createhullabaloo.com/ Hullabaloo

    I’ve always been surprised at how successful Live Chat is for some businesses.

  • http://www.limelightonline.co.nz/ Suzanne Carter

    Fantastic article! Lack of and/or hidden contact information is one of my bug bears and I am constantly talking to business owners about this. Just last night I went online to complete an enquiry form on a local restaurant’s site. Up popped an error when I hit Submit so checking that forms actually work is absolutely essential.

  • http://seoandy.com/ Andy Kinsey

    contact detail optimisation is a great way to improve conversions as a whole. If someone takes the time to contact you and you spend time helping them they are much more likely to trust and use you, not just once but repeatedly. Great Article.

  • Matt LaClear

    Great article Stoney. It’s amazing how many sales a business can make if they just pick up their telephone every now and again. Looking forward to more posts.

  • http://twitter.com/iadviceseo IAdvicse SEO

    Right said contact us page should contain multiple options to contact the company, this creates trust in the eyes of the prospective customers.

  • Alex Jackson

    Great article! I think having a lot of contact options definitely helps the user. Another tool you can add to the contact page is Sendola (http://www.sendola.com/) – this free plugin sends all your details to the user’s mobile phone so they have it to hand when not in front of the computer. Really worth getting, especially for local businesses.