• alexandra_murashova

    Very nice post. And from my side I’d like to clarify that tools mentioned in this article are not alike. Adgooroo, SpyFu, and SEMRush provide its users with data from ISPs that has been stored for many many days. Make conclusions. While KeywordCompetitor searches the Internet on demand. That’s the difference.

  • http://www.findmefaster.com Matt Van Wagner

    Thank you, Alexandra, for reading the post and leaving a note. Though I fail to see that any clarification was necessary, I am sure readers will be absolutely fascinated to learn that your tools are different than other tools.

  • http://www.getfoundfirst.com Luke Alley

    @Matt I really like the idea of improving the processes. Steven R Covey called it “Sharpening the Saw”. Although it’s important to hear about how to do bid changes, kw research, write ads, etc., it’s refreshing to read about how to improve elsewhere. Thanks!

    Oh and KeywordCompetitor… fuggedaboudit.

  • http://www.epiphanysolutions.co.uk SteveBaker

    Hi Matt,

    Good post – totally agree with almost all of it.

    Not sure that I’d agree that the effectiveness of your bid adjustments is dependent on your competitors’ activity, though. Since the value of a click to you is unaffected by competitor activity (with the possible exception of their advert text copying your USP’s, making them less U), but is determined by conversion rate and conversion value, then whenever we’ve studied this in the past, we’ve found that the optimal bid is almost completely unaffected by bid changes from competitors (again, unless their advert is very similar to yours, and their bid change moves them from below to above you).

    Whilst your competitors’ bid changes impact the overall profitability of your account by pushing your advert up or down, and thus changing the volume of clicks and sales that you pick up, with few exceptions, any bid adjustments to compensate for this will result in reduced profits. Assuming that your bid was the most profitable for you before they changed their bids, it probably still is.

    As I said, there are a few exceptions to this, such as when many or all of the adverts are similar, their bid adjustments push you off the first page (particularly an issue on mobile devices), or the product being searched for and its price are fixed.

    All of that said, I totally agree with your main point, that becoming fixated on what your competitors are doing is largely futile (though identifying different selling points is important, if your advert is below theirs), and that testing is the only way to optimise your account in the long term.

    It’s good to hear that somebody else recognises that statistical significance isn’t necessary when advert testing (I think this was your point?), and that Taguchi Testing on adverts doesn’t work (as it requires the elements of the test to be independent, which they won’t be). I pray that the wider community will stop repeating these myths, but I’m not holding my breath!


  • alexandra_murashova

    @ Luke
    “Oh and KeywordCompetitor… fuggedaboudit.” – why?

  • alexandra_murashova

    I mean, I know that the article is not about comparing keyword tools of course. :)