• http://www.time2mrkt.com DeeReinhardt

    Nice article George. I especially like the part about not sharing back too much into your status updates. Just the activity on LinkedIn can fill a stream for someone without many connections, but add in a multitude of Twitter posts, whoooo eeee.

    Thanks for the suggestion about having your employees post an important message in their status updates. I liked that point very much.

  • http://www.linkedinheavyweight.com chris kulbaba

    Very good article, I agree with all your comments!

    I do like the fact you suggest that workers employ using LinkedIn to promote the business and their profiles with important updates. I feel it is important to be careful using this tactic, as your workers may not have the same skills and abilities you do in writing. It may make sense to have a scripted update to suggest what your employees can talk about, to ensure you hit all the great points of your new launch.

    I urge clients to concentrate on adding value, and not on increasing connections – when you seek to add value, it will attract the right connections organically.

    I have some more suggestions on my blog as well – of course they are free too.

  • http://twitter.com/awebsavvy Ann

    Thank you for sharing this timely information. Company profiles allow you put your product and services on the profile also.
    I appreciate the way you shared how employees can also help optimize the site.
    Training opportunities for small business owners.
    Ann Harwood

  • http://alspaulding.com Al Spaulding™

    Awesome tips on utilizing linkedin to improve SEO. I just clipped this and saved it in evernote to update my linkedin account the right way this weekend. thanks for the info