• http://www.weswyatt.com weswyatt

    I recently attended a business meeting with a company that uses QR Codes on almost all of their marketing materials. It’s very eye catching and causes you to want to know what it is.

    The only problem I see with it is it’s sorta like being the person with one of the first Fax Machines. You have this cool tool – but with a VERY limited amount of people to share it with. I think QR Codes are incredible – but I can say without hesitation that my Mom and most of my friends would have no idea how to access one (And/or the equipment / software needed).

    I think they will be used A LOT in the future – but it’s going to take awhile for everyone to catch up to ’em. Until then – we can all be insiders on what they mean.

  • Greg Finn

    Wes, I agree, but I do think that it makes sense in certain scenarios. For example, people that check-in to Facebook Places on a regular basis have an extremely high probability of having a smart phone as you have to have the requirement of being able to pull up a web page on your phone. So things like a social “check-in” station would have a significant impact.

    I also do think the “fun” factor is very appealing like you mentioned. And one of the other things that I mentioned in the article was the cross reference to the SEL Google QR post (http://searchengineland.com/close-up-with-googles-new-qr-code-generator-52248) to show that you can track with analytics for free. For example, 17 people already scanned the link in the article and clicked the link and the article has been up for approx 2 hours. So you can see if users are actually scanning at your location – and if they aren’t – go ahead and take down the fax machine … errr … the QR code sign :)

  • http://www.blackgoldshop.com brentnau

    Our latest Pottery Barn catalog had QR Codes on the product pages that would display a video about the product. So one could leverage YouTube videos as well with QR codes.

  • Greg Finn

    Great example! Make all that traditional ol’ media into multi-media!