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    Ahh, you’ve got to give me more! More more more! There’s tricky ways to use internal linking strategies to basically create thousands of pages of content with search results an internal linking that Google just loves. Please tell me how to do it! ;-)

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    Nice post, although should be common sense to most SEO’s I like the blog I didn’t realise you had so much google content on here, i follow the facebook page which brought me here, i’ll be linking/posting this one on my blog.
    many thaks,
    Darren Boyle

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    Links are basically limit less at this point. Especially since search engine algorithms are changing on a monthly basis, now the new link methods are Social Networking sites, such as Twitter and Digg. I feel the only way to stay ahead of your competition at this point is to do constant research on your industry to see where it is adapting too.