• http://www.iselect.com.au derekdunne

    Hi I am seeing some weird results in a search for car insurance in Australia.

    The title in the search results for iSelect has car insurance at the start. However on site title doesn’t contain car insurance at the start? Is Google Combining H1 and title if the title tags are not long enough? Or is Google Broken? Is anyone else seeing this? I have screen grabs for anyone who wants to have a look at it.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    There was a similar curious report in the Google Webmaster forums this week where a page had a strange title (which, I discovered, matched the anchor text from an internal link on the site).

  • http://www.web-savvy-marketing.com rebeccagill

    The CNN website appears to be getting indexed regularly again, but I still have many client websites that are not.

    My hat is off to Google for quickly and publicly acknowledging the problem in their forum and on Twitter. Now we just need to get their “fix” spread to the rest of the website waiting to be spidered indexed.

  • http://www.dragonsearch.net DeidreDS

    Thank you, Matt, for this post. We’ve seen some indexing problems with out clients recently as well. Thought it was something on our end, but it’s good to know that the issue lies in Google. Thanks for helpful info!

  • angle45media

    Oh no! Google’s taking three hours to index a news article!

    Great article, but sometimes reading Search Engine Land is like listening to stock analysts for day traders; reporting on every .01 movement.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Google, by its own standards, should be indexing fresh news articles within minutes — and doing the same for many other web pages.

    When it fails to do this, and for a period of days, it’s not a .01 movement. It’s a major failure of its indexing system, which it has touted quite loudly earlier this year.

  • LiveOnlineChat

    We have had a similar sort of problem and it has cut our traffic in half. We found that doing a daily traffic stats report, there was a sudden slump in traffic. Our site was number one for the search term “Free Chat Rooms No Registration”, but doing a Google search on this search term, we had been replaced by a site showing adult content. Checking other key search terms, some had be de-listed. Our community is not showing latest posts, neither is our forum, and yet our site is crawled constantly by Google robots. If you take a look at our homepage here http://www.liveonlinechat.net you will see that the search term above is dominant within the text using H1 tags and strong text. All our websites on our network also produce incoming links on an hourly basis to point that search term to our homepage. So, in all honesty, I really do think that Google is broken somewhere as the sites above us now do not concentrate on our main search terms but have risen above us.

  • http://www.bestereaders.net tammiej

    We’ve noticed a similar indexing problem, and like the poster above, have seen our traffic cut in half on http://www.BesteReaders.net, and our ranking drop a couple of spots. Fortunately, we found your article, and are planning to wait a couple more days to see if the problems persist or if we need to take corrective actions on our end.