• Matthew Read

    I think any SEO worth his salt will avoid buying bulk +1’s, what I think is hilarious is when they say “All +1′s are given dripped over a couple of days so it looks natural” because even if you buy 400 and they do this over a week, 400 one week to none the next will still look unnatural, and I doubt that anyone will want to be paying for +1’s constantly all every week!

  • http://solvater.com Arafath Hashmi

    I think this all the fault of SEO specialists, after hiking the concept of ” +1’s increase the SERP ” this is all happening, poor people knowingly or unknowingly getting in these traps… I think every SEO specialist make sure somethings before making it public, because in the upcoming future SEO is going to play a big role.. :)

  • jon lane

    Never mind the unethical implications of selling +1s to people; why are Google abusing the English language by inserting an apostrophe where it doesn’t need to be? It should be +1s, not +1’s.

    Sorry, I know it’s not strictly SEO-related, but its’ still wrong.

  • http://www.sethnickerson.com Seth Nickerson

    Why do SEOs buy links? They work. Why would an SEO purchase +1s from accounts whose interests and other “likes” parallel the products or services of the site they are trying to promote? It would work, at least based upon what we know about G+ right now.

    Google’s got the tools in place to measure the velocity of +1s, so hopefully they have the mechanisms to sniff out any that are too suspicious. But as we’ve seen with other algorithm solutions, nothing is perfect.

    Purchased +1s may not be that valuable anyway, unless the accounts they come from can boast any sort of authority and have connections to other valuable profiles.

  • http://www.rjdinternational.com Robert Duncan

    or you could go to tweers.com and get them for free.