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    Danny, that’s a great piece of research and summary. Your piece also defines the problems of multilingual search. Gaddafi is correctly spelt in Arabic. All the other spellings are speakers of other languages (mainly English here) trying to mimic the sound of Gaddafi’s name using an alphabet which doesn’t match and are transliterations.

    “Al” is the usual English transliteration of the definite article or “The”. It’s typical in many languages to always use a definite article when we usually don’t. So, for me, it is correct not to repeat this in English.

    The French are typically using “Kadhafi” because for a French speaker that generates the closest pronunciation. The German’s use a similar version to English speakers with “Gaddafi”. Italians meanwhile seem to be using “Gheddafi”.

    The way Gaddafi pronounces his name has a kind of gap in the middle known as a glottal stop (the tongue stops the flow of air). That’s really difficult to represent in languages which don’t use it — so it’s often written by English speakers as an “h”.

    For Gaddafi’s social media and reputation team — it must be a huge headache!

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    The main entry from the Library of Congress is: Muammar Qaddafi

    There are about 65 entries (Main Entry + Added Entries)

    You can see all of the names using the Library of Congress Authorities File at:

    Here’s a screen cap of the Muammar Qaddafi LC authorities page:

    This is a MARC record.

    The 100 field is the official “main entry”
    The 400 fields are “added entries” for the name
    The 670 field are sources consulted when researching the name