• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Hi Garrett,
    This is a very interesting post about incorporating interviews as part of a link building program. I have always found it very tough to set aside the time for an interview. I agree with you that the relationship building part is a must and that is what is what takes an extreme amount of time.

    As the owner of an SEO blog, I find it tough to dedicate the resources to this, since 50% of my readers are SEO/SEM industry folks, who may link to the post, but the big question is, will I generate any qualified leads from this? Not too, sure, this is why I have passed on this in the past. After reading your article, I may consider it as a goal for 2010 to incorporate into the mix…

  • http://ontlo.com/blog Garrett French

    Hi Nick!

    To be clear, the lead increases that we have seen come when we’re interviewed by others. Both of our interviews in 2009 were within the “SEO space.” However, we sell into SEO agencies too.

    This article wasn’t just a recommendation that SEOs get involved in interviews though… your clients should consider working to get interviewed too, and certainly to conduct group interviews. Those queries will show you who interviews and gets interviewed frequently, as these folks are good targets for outreach.

    On our group interview we did see some leads as well, but only because the post was so widely circulated. Group interviews take a lot of time and leg work, but the benefits are fantastic both to you, the community and the people you interview.

  • http://www.wordstream.com eg

    Hi, Garrett! We’re so glad the WordStream interview generated some leads for Ontolo! We’ve had a lot of success with interviews on our blog. We find it brings in new readers.

    Some great tips here. Thanks again.

    Elisa Gabbert

  • http://ontlo.com/blog Garrett French

    Hey Elisa! Yeah – we’d be up for another interview anytime ;)

    Also, it’s nice to hear that interviews bring in new readers – we’ve been publishing offsite only, so don’t have subscription growth data.


  • Julie Joyce

    Excellent piece as always sir…and I’d like to add that in addition to seeing good leads coming from being interviewed, I’ve also seen good ones come from being quoted in content, period. I think there is an inherent amount of trust that comes with having your words referenced on a site where you have no real “pull” so to speak.

  • http://ontlo.com/blog Garrett French

    Hey Julie!
    Wow… you’re gonna make me come up with a whole new set of queries ;) Great tip!