• http://www.seo4fun.com/blog/ Halfdeck

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with reciprocal links, as long as manipulative intent is either non-existent or undetectable.

  • http://blog.achille.name/ Sante

    Very interesting point of view I share. There have been cases where reciprocals have worked very well and others where it miserably failed – In general I believe that if if it is done properly it can help – I said help – ranking efforts.

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  • eric_ward

    If the motivation for reciprocity is to improve rank rather than improve user experience, then undetectable or not, that’s link spam. I’m not arguing the ethics one way or the other, and everyone has a right to earn a living, and some niches are so competitive that staying white hat is futile. That said, links granted or sought based -solely- on potential positive algorithmic impact, rather than user value, are links that have the potential to do more harm than good.


  • http://blog.achille.name/ Sante

    I agree entirely with you: in fact if you do it keeping the user in mind, it’s hard work and can give great satisfaction.

  • http://www.seo4fun.com/blog/ Halfdeck

    “If the motivation for reciprocity is to improve rank rather than improve user experience, then undetectable or not, that’s link spam.”

    Of course it is, but if the intention is undetectable then it won’t do any harm, now, will it (at least to the sites benefiting from the link spam)?

    But here’s the thing; manipulative link exchanges are very easy to detect algorithmically in comparison to paid links. That’s why I would never advise a client to go out looking for reciprocal link exchanges.

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

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  • http://www.oliveglobal.co.uk Mike Nicholson

    I have always been of the view, that if get limited and relevant reciprocal links, then it’ll always help in increasing both the page rank and search engine rankings.

  • http://www.wellwrittenwords.com Patricia Skinner

    Building links is just so hard you’ve gotta be passionate about your cause…great post!

  • http://www.wellwrittenwords.com Patricia Skinner

    It all boils down to ethics and honesty. If you’re on the level you’re on far safer ground than if you’re trying to (metaphorically) pull the wool over the search engines’ eyes. :)

  • http://www.visionefx.net rickvidallon

    Let us remember what Larry Page said, “Every time you create a link,” Google founder Larry Page told the hushed audience, “you’ve created a citation. But if you just try to count citations on the Web, which is what a lot of search engines do, you run into problems. “The important of a web site, particularly a web page, is based on the sum of all pages linking to it. That if Yahoo linked from their homepage to your homepage that’s a big deal.”

  • http://www.jamesbb.com Jamesbb

    Great article, very informative. I wonder would the same rules apply in a network if there was a three/four/five way link system implemented? Would that potentially be traceable?