• daveintheuk

    I predict less organic results. For local, for everything.

  • http://www.ryanruud.com/ Ryan Ruud

    Great article! Couldn’t agree more on the national/local prediction. I’ve been feeling like there’s a lot of opportunity to be gained there for a while both in search and social. The company I work for, we’re working to bridge the national/local gap vertically in the credit union industry and compete on finance terms against big national bank brands.

  • http://searchsimplicity.com/ Gregory Smith

    I’m sick of seeing predictions. None of you have ESP!

  • bhupendrachahar

    Great article! Couldn’t believe the fact more on the national/local forecast. I’ve been sensation like there’s a lot of probability to be obtained there for a while both in search and public. The company I work for, we’re attempting to link the national/local gap top to bottom secured market and contend on fund conditions against big nationwide financial institution manufacturers.

  • http://SEARCH.lol/ David Neville

    If I could suggest a search engine architecture that would be organic?

  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    I predict… more predictions of the obvious.