• http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    Aw, dude! Craigslist is the worst for quality professional services.

    You’re definitely right that good SEO work takes time. It’s a shame a lot of businesses are only looking for fast, immediate results.

    The end goal should always be to have more conversions and sales, not the highest ranking on Google or an insane increase in traffic. If the traffic doesn’t convert, you just wasted your money for fabricated stats like this guy did here in your article.

    Thanks for pointing this out to people, Andrew! I’ll share this with some other skeptical clients I know.

  • http://www.davidnrothwell.com/ David Rothwell

    Thanks for sharing Andrew.

    Yet another ridiculous tactic that has no value.

    And even if these were visitors local to the business in question, did they buy anything?

    “Clicks are for Show, but Conversions are for Dough”

    You’ve got to pay for SEO somehow, so you may as well just buy clicks and totally control where and when they come from.


  • http://www.rokitseo.com/ Jon Cline

    Wow, did they say what they had payed for this Craigslist service?

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    I get all my SEO work done by people on Craigslist & Fiverr :)

  • Thomas

    shhhh… dont want my clients to backdoor me ;)

  • http://www.radicalmustache.com/ Mikel Zaremba

    I once sold a 10 year old, incomplete dish set with floral patterns for top dollar ($20 to be exact). So, let’s not let this CL bashing thing get outta hand, guys.

  • Ian Davis

    Egad!!! I hate SEO Scum.

  • Ian Davis

    Egad!!! I hate SEO Scum.

  • http://wtff.com/ JustConsumer

    I just can’t understand why do you call this a scam ?
    Did you see the details of the agreement between the business and SEO ?
    I suppose you didn’t, because there was no signed agreement with certain goals to archive and liabilities.

    One guy, who knows nothing about the web business, hired another guy, who knows nothing as well.
    The task was : “Do something!”
    Guy did something. How is this a scam ?
    It’s more like two not smart guys met each other. Is this bad ? I don’t think so, because this is what evolution is based on.

  • Rakesh

    Thanks for sharing …
    you said this in clients point of view just look at the SEO companies point of view 90% of the clients contact a SEO company and expects a lot for a very less amount.
    every field has con people ……. we have to be smart in selecting them.

  • Scott Davis

    Haha. HVAC services in Akron! I lived there for 2 years…. I’m pretty sure none of the homes had central heat or air conditioning (window units don’t count — those things are awful).

  • Kevin Anchi


  • Paul Dybala, PhD

    I would not call this SEO, I would call this Pay For Clicks, and that is only Clicks, not conversions.

  • http://www.sbwebcenter.com/ Steve

    Nothing more than a paid to click network trying to cash in on an unsuspecting business owner. This is why educating your clients is so important. All they see is the traffic number, and assume everything is fine and dandy.

  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com/clipping-path-service.html Bijutoha

    First I know about craigslist from my childhood friends who earns money by Craigslist during many years . I saw that was look like a e-mail marketing. After I found it is very essential for Local Marketing . Even I am in dark how to optimize Craigslist as a good professional. I think Andrew Shotland ! read my mind and, give me some good shares on Craigslist .

  • Darpan Ghosh

    Its a pretty unfortunate indeed Andrew! But the truth is the next time them cons will get a chance they will again get into this, with a pretty much ‘I dont care’ attitude! its the “quick SEO fix” and thats all matters! And no matter how much you, me or few others shout or point facts why adding “some great content to your site” can make the difference, things will take another lightyear to change and come in the shape that should be great for all of us.

  • http://www.gracecore.com/ Wayne

    you get exactly what you pay for…..

  • Alan

    Hey Andrew,many freelancers from all over the world, especially from Asia depends on craigslist to bid projects. They do legitimate business and provide expert services. So don’t tell that craigslist the place for Scam …I hope you will change the title for this post..Thanks

  • smsulari

    Awesome post. Scam is everwhere but many clients generalize because they have been sting-ed by one or two.

    Most of the times people fall in the trap of fake identities. I must ssy to double ensure the profiles talk snd discuss the details before hiring. Take your time asking queries. Over promising and guarantee providing might be suspicious.

  • http://seocloudis.com/ Seocloudis

    Great example, Andrew! You can not warn enough against the made-yesterday SEO. The type of scam you described is hurting all of us professionally.