• http://goo.gl/ZQX5 Michael Dadona

    The main thing now why should this kind of rivalry up to these type of supports and activities. As an internet user, I wanted to see all giant parties neck-to-neck each other in producing different products as varieties to be offered to all end users. All giants must respect the Intellectual Property owned by each.

    I know and for sure there will an answer telling me that is all about business development in getting leading factor and obtaining niche market. If anyone asked me, how to do it in bringing them together to put this thing on the table? My answer is why not merge some parts of the disputable items in the areas of services.

    I think this is the way to be more productive while giving the best to end users and at the same happily can harvest through profit sharing amongst the involved parties which is would be greater than going solo.

    The question now is does their respective business policies making them apart?