• searchenginelandanonymous

    Funny how it’s “Google Free” and you mention Google 15 times on your post. Happy Monday Danny!

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Well, as I said, I was doing some light comparison to Google because the point of this is to familiarize people with alternatives to Google. It’s kind of hard to explain an alternative without mentioning something they are already familiar with :)

  • searchenginelandanonymous

    And you did a great job, Danny. You always do ;-)

    Still funny though…

  • http://www.searchmarketing.pt NunoH

    What are your tips to do SEO specifically for Live.com Danny? It would be great to have them here. Thanks!

  • http://msftandthefuture.spaces.live.com/ quikboy

    I kinda like Live Search. The thing about Live Search on the web, is that I like the Instant Answers they give sometimes.

    Like if you type “Houston commute”, you get an interactive map showing you the traffic, right on the results page, real quick. “40 X 5” brings up the answer 200. “Capital of Texas” brings up the answer, Austin. “definition spider” brings up a true definition, all of this stuff is right on the results page. Pretty neat if you ask me.

    Otherwise than that, the clean layout, nice look is also appealing too. I think RankNet needs to work a bit better though. I see lots of Wikipedia links as first results, and other links that I want placed more down in the list. But otherwise than that, it’s cool.