• http://searchmarketingcommunications.com Tim Cohn

    Great insight Danny… you should write about Google too.

    Charlie Rose interviewed Ken Auletta about his book Googled.

    Rose’s interview may be of interest to some Search Engine Land readers.


  • http://optimizeguyz.com Brent Rangen

    I read this a few months back.

    It was a very good book and one that I will recommend to my friends and colleagues for quite some time.

    The impact Google has had on entire industries is dumbfounding. When Google enters into a market they don’t just compete, they dominate! Jump in head first and worry about consequences later and surprisingly besides pittly little lawsuits they have not had much opposition from private, public, government, or otherwise.

    It seemed like a lot of the focus was on “old media” and that is warranted in my opinion because Google has had such an impact on this. Google has had not only directly impacted hundred of thousands of lives.. if not millions and they continue to break down doors without knocking first.

    Auletta did a great job because he didn’t hold back. He reported certain facts that many others would not have gotten away with and for that I applaud him and recommend this book! (does anyone else hear the reading rainbow song in their head??)

  • http://www.tcampbell.net T Campbell

    Dibs on the OGN rights.