• Peter

    There has definitely been significant changes in last few weeks (for the worse). the niche industry I work in has even more keyword domains, new sites with weak content, even one site that has the same metatitle for nearly every page on their website.

  • http://twitter.com/KochSuzy Suzy Koch

    Great info to keep it in mind on my blog! I love you guys!

  • freelancerbd

    so much infrormative and valuable post. which i need.

  • Deboti Chowdhury

    Thanks Barry. Can you tell me if there where any other important algorithm updates besides Panda within the last two months, updates that may effect rankings?

  • http://twitter.com/TrivediRahul SEO Expert | SEO

    i think Google will announce new panda updates within 10 days…

  • http://www.facebook.com/toucan78 Lola Wolf

    I see changes every day especially regarding backlinks. It might not be a release but a continous revision of linking profiles.

  • http://twitter.com/DerekOstler Derek Ostler

    I am seeing more changes then normal too, and it is with pages we have not even touch or done anything with!

  • http://twitter.com/joshbachynski josh bachynski

    google is now backtracking – if you read what JM first writes here https://plus.google.com/108833983815923249955/posts/iLaBosTVgHr he first is saying basically some of the penguin data is being used – perhaps that penguin has been upgrade, or replaced. He admits in his second post (same url – scroll down) that penguin, or some part of penguin, is not running regularly, but some link analysis (which may or may not be part of penguin – if you take his first statement from the hangout) is. That doesn’t matter. The salient point is that they have link analyses
    running regularly like, or maybe part of, or a descendant of, penguin – it doesn’t matter what they call it. We want to know a) what’s running, b) when, so we can c) fix our sites or know when to expect the improving after link changes.

  • http://www.dariopetkovic.com/ Dario Petkovic

    It makes me want to move away from SEO and toward AdWords – Google will love that, they win! I can’t ‘guarantee’ results or offer value add with such unreliable but the most popular search engine

  • Alan

    Hmmm so what we are saying here is that Google is full of it? That Matt and crew are out to confuse rather than inform?

    Some people have been saying this for a long time!