• Cogrep

    It’s going to get very interesting with Facebook and Google now in the mix with Groupon and LivingSocial. Both are going to bring a large number of subscribers (advantage Facebook) to it’s deals, but the real question will be how creatively they can woo businesses to offer deals (advantage Google via Adwords) and how big of a sales force they will need to build. I read that Groupon has doubled it’s staff to 6500 since November, mostly sales people… I bet Google and Facebook will get away with far less given their existing connections and advertising network.

  • http://mikebracco.com Mike Bracco

    Do you think this will cause Facebook to not accept advertising from Groupon or LivingSocial? I’d imagine it would be anti-competitive. However, unlike Google Facebook ads only appear on Facebook.com so it might not be an issue.

  • http://www.searchblogger.co.uk Jamie Fairbairn

    This is a very interesting development and it seems the marketplace is getting a bit crowded now. I wonder if one or more of the current social coupon sites will fall by the wayside as Facebook and Google crank things up a notch?

  • Patrick

    One of the main aspects about Groupon and the like is that they allow users to spread news of the deal through their unique reference link – encouraging users to share through Twitter and Facebook. If the Social Deals thing takes off for Facebook would they continue to play ball with Groupon?

  • http://www.AdvancedDental.com Dr. Mike Maroon

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