• http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    Hi Jill – Excellent article. I have been in this situation many times in the past and have always tried to hold on tight when a client tell us they want a resdesign. Espically when a web designer claims they know SEO better (usually not the case!).

    That said, SEO is indeed a marketing channel and is NOT the end all be all but is a major source for visitors for most sights. It is about bringing in new visitors, leads and sales and supporting your branded keywords via other online and offline marketing channels that lead a visitor to search for a company’s branded terms. I think clients some times loose sight of this and are either all one way or all the other, there should be a nice appriopriate balance of new and brand visitors.

  • hugoguzman

    Hey Jill! My favorite part of the article is the point about branded vs. non-branded traffic.

    It’s amazing to see even large organizations with sophisticated marketing programs (and budgets) fail to grasp this concept.

    One of our standard analytics/reporting deliverables is a breakout of monthly and year-over-year trending for non-branded natural search referrals and conversions, but when we first present this to clients they’re often astonished, because all they’ve ever seen was the old run-of-the-mill aggregate report that includes all of those branded search terms.

    And that’s when we end up explaining that those branded terms have little to nothing to do with SEO and should therefore not be included as a primary metric of success. Why? BECAUSE 99% of the time, THEY ALREADY RANK NO. 1 FOR THEM, ALWAYS DID, AND ALWAYS WILL! (i.e. there’s nothing to optimize…it’s a function of branding efforts, etc).

  • http://www.highrankings.com/newsletter/ Jill Whalen

    @hugoguzman EXACTLY!

  • danmayna

    Hi Jill,

    Great article. What is interesting is that in some cases you can have the keyword phrase in your title tag and have backlinks to the page with the keyword phrase and you can still rank in the SERP for the keyword phrase without it appearing in the content.

    I would have assumed this possible in the above case. I guess it depends on the degree of comeptitiveness of the keyword phrase, the quality/quantity of backlinks with that keyword phrase and where that backlink resides in terms of relevance.

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