• alexrjr

    Hosting speed has always been a relative term. A good way to know how fast a server download speed is, will take you to http://chronoservers.com

    This website presents a ranking of web hosting companies “download speed”. The registered servers are called from different parts of the world and benchmarked. Interesting project. It truly reflects how well a server performs from different parts of the planet. It will not only give credibility to the companies competing for the top positions but will also help any potential user to make an informed decision about where to go.

    There are 3 variables that will help any one to decide where to go when it comes to web hosting: Speed, Service and Price. If a hosting company excels in one, it will have a good measure of success, if it excels in 2 of these points, it will be outstanding. I have not yet met one that excels at the 3 of them