• http://www.carolineconstable.com/ Caroline Constable

    I have a client who has a small manufacturing business and he has to compete with Ebay, Amazon, Tesco etc for organic search visibility (as many do). I track Ebay as part of his competitor monitoring and can see a very defined drop in Ebay’s visibility this week and a slight uplift in my client and other small biz competitors as they take up the slack. It’s nice to see some ‘little guys’ clawing back for a change.

  • Hardik Dangar

    @Thank_You:disqus it’s because domain age and thinkexist seems to be much more popular then yours. i think if you continue what you are doing and able to drive more social media traffic then in couple of years you could beat them :)

  • Thank_You

    Yeah… I know it is more established, but you’d think “time on site” and “page views” would be more important than age in a niche like this… But, here is what I’m really concerned about.

    We have several layers of editing and segmenting that takes place in order to provide the right quotes to the right people. So, instead of ending up with a database of thousands of “life quotes” we end up with “The 100 Best Life Quotes”, “30 Funny Life Quotes”, “The 40 Most Inspirational Life Quotes”, etc…

    Users like this because they spend less time looking through quotes they don’t care about, and more time on pages with a high concentration of relevant quotes.

    I’m worried that this is the reason we got dinged. Different pages targeting similar keywords. But I can’t “fix” this issue without making the site less helpful and destroying our main raison de etre.

    Just not sure what can be done.

  • Hardik Dangar

    two things you need to do. care less about google and care more about your users. you need to create really engaging communities over social networks. It’s great you are creating content but you need to engage your users over twitter,facebook,instagram wherever you can.

    about your other worry, upworthy solves this very uniquely. they create 25 titles for each article and choose 5 best of those 25. then they use those 5 titles over social media to engage people.

    I believe if you follow this google will follow your site more :)
    i also think the other quote site has huge backlinks it’s gonna take some time they fall.

  • gratatt

    Thank You Google! I am so glad to see ask.com get a big hit. I really hope that the other crappy Q&A sites got hit hard too, because I have to run an add-on to keep them out of my results. They are the new content farms, posting thousands of crap articles every day. My friend makes her living writing that crap, and laughs all the way to the bank.

  • http://www.worksmedia.com.au/ John Romaine

    At a guess, I dare say ebay couldn’t care less about Google

  • http://www.worksmedia.com.au/ John Romaine

    At a guess, I dare say ebay couldn’t care less about Google

  • Sergey Lucktinov

    What about Amazon? It looks that on all of my long tail search keywords amazon takes up half on a SERP page…..

  • rscory

    Looks like Yelp is still ranking well, why? And I see that Angie’s List the BBB and the IYPs have gained some valuable ground.

  • http://in.linkedin.com/in/ashvyas Ash Vyas

    Quite interesting results. My sites has no loss and no gain. Is their anyone else who has affected by this update?

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Age of site has nothing to do with it.

  • Guest

    The UK data display is NOT from Search Metrics. This is from SEMrush! I’m the Senior Account Manager, N America, for SEMrush.

  • Guest

    isitdownrightnow.com? – Yes, yes it is.

  • kamaldws

    Really, Google is manipulating their results according to their convenience. Here are some example:

    Google knowledge Graph- If you will see the result then you will notice that maximum results come from the other sites or wikipidia. Now, you can check every sites which were coming in the knowledge graph those are big winner. Even wikipedia.
    Sponsor Google knowledge Graph space in SERP- If you will check then you will notice that all space have covered by google where normal sites get traffic. Even I can show some keywords which have good searches but 1st position holder site does not have good traffic because all hot space covered by PPC, Knowledge Graph & Shopping result.

    According to me, we should not think that Google has visitor because where google have visitors those are filled by their product and remaining space will be also covered by then asap. So, we should work for web not for Google.

  • kamaldws

    I am working with reputed company and i did not noticed major changes in Google ranking. Some new clients have duplicate content which should be resolved asap.

  • kamaldws

    Everything matters! SERP result is like a political result which depends on every elements.

  • Enomo Eatho

    My website are all are good ranking. Yet now not affected also is there any solution if it affects and went down means. What kind of steps I need to follow to get SERP in Google.

  • http://www.katetooncopywriter.com/ Kate Toon

    Yep exactly.

  • http://www.katetooncopywriter.com/ Kate Toon

    Domain age is a ranking factor?

  • Ravinder Sidhu

    I agree with Michael Martinez, the ageing factor is overrated.
    I’ve worked with many new sites and they’ve dislodged older sites from SERPs.
    Various factors matter, but there is no singular factor with a hell lot of gravity.

  • Brilliant Seo Smo

    I m just wondering about, what exactly is Google Panda 4.0 update and why ebay.uk site is affected by it?

  • http://www.hcorealestates.com Manish Bhatia

    Can anybody explain Panda 4.0 impact on realestates sites.

  • http://www.gefundenwerden.at/ gefundenwerden

    nice statistic

  • http://www.finalwebsites.com/ Olaf Lederer

    My blog lost 50% traffic because an update ~1 year ago. Since Panda 4.0 I got all this traffic back, YES, Google made my day! What I have learned? Write good content for your visitors.

  • Hardik Dangar

    Yes. although denied by lot of people i believe its a factor because lot of old memoth sites rank very well against really good curated fresh content sites.

  • http://downforeveryone.com/ DOWNFOREVERYONE.COM

    Feel free to use our tool then -> http://is.it.downforeveryone.com/

  • http://www.nwz-immo.de/ Jacek Rużyczka

    Apparently, eBay Classifieds are not affected by Panda 4.0. For myself I can’t present bulletproof data, but I realised that in the last weeks, when you made a search about real estate, eBay Classifieds remained on top positions (1~3). Positions of my own portal did change, but without a clear trend: For some search terms they climbed, but for some, they dropped considerably. Some real estate portals may get into trouble with Google because they just display third-party data and not offers they acquired themselves, but let’s look. :-)

  • http://www.gruenes-spielzeug.de Boris

    Olaf, then you must have perfect monitoring tools with really fast and reliable data crunching. However, good content will always be better than 3 word social media replies. Besides, I am following your blog for a long time already :)

  • Stuart David

    I can understand the rest but sites like Zimbio is all poor quality, you would think Panda would go after? They just scrape RSS feeds and present them

  • Ashutosh R

    In my opinion age shouldn’t be strong factor at all… Now the quality of content (or high quality loads of content rich site) can make site grab bigger space of Google search pages due to a lot of latest algo updates to G search algo…

    It might be possible old sites have richer backlink profiles to make it rank better plus they are well maintained.

  • http://www.therightsignals.com Fawad

    Google is preferring the quality content, however, the content is included just textual content or it is going to implement on Photo and Video blogs as well… if just textual content.. the question is that is it going to analyzing grammar or the information in content…

  • https://www.texter-linz.at/ Texter Wolfgang Jagsch

    Do not real worry about any webspam-update that might happen. Just build a great page with assume Quality-Content. Completely forget about building Links to any websites. Just reach out with high-engaging niche-relevant content that attracts the attention of users. That is the only proven white seo-strategy which can not be destroyed by any upcoming updates. Only Quality is the key to long term sucess.

  • Stephen Lella

    @hardikdangar:disqus – you sir, are on the ball. +1 to all your comments!

  • Stephen Lella

    @hardikdangar:disqus – you sir, are on the ball. +1 to all your comments!

  • Stephen Lella

    I’m just thinking out loud here, but maybe Google “rewarded” Zimbio because they have high traffic?

  • Hardik Dangar

    @ashutosh_r:disqus I was thinking same few years back but what i have known from my experience is its always opposite.

    Here is the reason,

    When somebody is starting new and have lot of fresh content then the other huge site in their niche, google will not rank new site compare to new site with fresh content( just to be clear i am talking about some site which is 5 year old and some site which is making its road on its first year).

    because they would not have backlinks which shows google trust factor of domain( this point is like google says we don’t want you to have too much backlinks but somehow its always the case with new domains :( for old domains it seems its algorithams are considering domain age or some parameter which is preventing them to fall)

  • http://www.canuckseo.com/ Jim Rudnick

    great list compilation here, Barry…& muchly appreciated!

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Sorry, but domain age is not and never has been a ranking factor. The behavior of a Website over time consolidates a lot of potential factors that can influence rankings but the fact that a domain has been registered for any particular length of time is irrelevant. New and old domains alike are ranked well, penalized, and algorithmically downgraded.

  • http://www.androidapks.net/ Ashfaq Ahammed

    SEO competation http://www.tweaksbuzz.com

  • Vipin Kumar

    Domain age is certainly not a factor when it comes to ranking on Google and it never was, in-fact it can never be so. The reason behind it is that you can buy old domains and Google will never give you a paid advantage for ranking high in it’s organic results, this will question the very existence of their organic search.

    Also, Matt Cutts has already said that domain age is not important for ranking high, here is the link of one of Matt cutts’ youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1_1NQWQJ2Q

    I think Mr.Cutts is the right person to be believed when it comes to Google, isn’t it?

    @Michael_Martinez:disqus I second your thoughts as well :-)

  • http://programmerguru.com/ Android Guru

    My blog gained significant increase in traffic due to panda update. Was stunned to see the change in traffic in the past two days as I was totally clueless, then came to know about the update to Google search algorithm. Any way I always believe good content pays good results.

    Thanks to Panda :)

  • David Orozco

    big hit in one of my sites, but another one made a big bump, shame the big site was getting 32000 a day now just 33% of it are still alive

  • http://www.jaankanellis.com incrediblehelp

    “The behavior of a Website over time consolidates a lot of potential factors that can influence rankings”

    Exactly well put….

  • http://www.sbwebcenter.com/ Steve B

    Interesting that Google allowed RetailMeNot to get hit..

  • http://www.sbwebcenter.com/ Steve B

    Domain age is a very minor factor in SEO, but fresh content also matters, so there are many variables involved.

    You can have an old site, but if they’re not adding new content, then sure you can have new sites outranking the old one.