• http://www.carolineconstable.com/ Caroline Constable

    I have a client who has a small manufacturing business and he has to compete with Ebay, Amazon, Tesco etc for organic search visibility (as many do). I track Ebay as part of his competitor monitoring and can see a very defined drop in Ebay’s visibility this week and a slight uplift in my client and other small biz competitors as they take up the slack. It’s nice to see some ‘little guys’ clawing back for a change.

  • Hardik Dangar

    @Thank_You:disqus it’s because domain age and thinkexist seems to be much more popular then yours. i think if you continue what you are doing and able to drive more social media traffic then in couple of years you could beat them :)

  • Thank_You

    Yeah… I know it is more established, but you’d think “time on site” and “page views” would be more important than age in a niche like this… But, here is what I’m really concerned about.

    We have several layers of editing and segmenting that takes place in order to provide the right quotes to the right people. So, instead of ending up with a database of thousands of “life quotes” we end up with “The 100 Best Life Quotes”, “30 Funny Life Quotes”, “The 40 Most Inspirational Life Quotes”, etc…

    Users like this because they spend less time looking through quotes they don’t care about, and more time on pages with a high concentration of relevant quotes.

    I’m worried that this is the reason we got dinged. Different pages targeting similar keywords. But I can’t “fix” this issue without making the site less helpful and destroying our main raison de etre.

    Just not sure what can be done.

  • Hardik Dangar

    two things you need to do. care less about google and care more about your users. you need to create really engaging communities over social networks. It’s great you are creating content but you need to engage your users over twitter,facebook,instagram wherever you can.

    about your other worry, upworthy solves this very uniquely. they create 25 titles for each article and choose 5 best of those 25. then they use those 5 titles over social media to engage people.

    I believe if you follow this google will follow your site more :)
    i also think the other quote site has huge backlinks it’s gonna take some time they fall.

  • gratatt

    Thank You Google! I am so glad to see ask.com get a big hit. I really hope that the other crappy Q&A sites got hit hard too, because I have to run an add-on to keep them out of my results. They are the new content farms, posting thousands of crap articles every day. My friend makes her living writing that crap, and laughs all the way to the bank.

  • http://www.worksmedia.com.au/ John Romaine

    At a guess, I dare say ebay couldn’t care less about Google