• http://www.adhocmarketing.com Scott Salwolke

    I’m shocked by the results of this study. I always assumed like many that pay per click combined with organic rankings resulted in a higher click through rates. I’d like to see another study to see if this resulted in the same findings.

  • Simon Heseltine

    I don’t think that’s what this study is saying. From reading it, they’re looking at Dogpile because it integrates Paid search listings in the SERP with regular organic listings (not off to the right, or above the organic listings). I don’t see in the study where they’re looking at PPC & organic listings for the same company.

    As for his findings, it’s 10.2% clicks on paid listings, 54.5% on organic and 35.2% no clicks, the CTR on paid listings only goes up to 15.8% when you factor out the no clicks.

    What I found more interesting about this study was Table 6, showing the CTR by ranking position for Informational, Navigational and Transactional queries. It’s interesting that for informational and transactional queries over 20% of clicks occur beyond the first page.