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    very nice information. I also use pinterest and get the good traffic from there.

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    Thank you for sharing these information, Matt. I believe this is the latest update I’ve heard about Pinterest’s game up since they became the “it” few months back. However limited the scores are, it’s still worth to note that they are still making buzz. Can’t wait for ComScore’s update though.

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    Very nice information. Pinterest was growing very rapidly. I also shared this article.

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    I agree. While it definitely shows a tremendous strength for pinterest by using these participating sites as a sampling of a larger whole of web publishers, it never the less seems to be that the recent google algorithm changes may be a stronger contributing factor. The question is whether those changes will impact googles legitimacy as a more accurate organic search provider vs. pinterest and other social sharing platforms.

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    Pinterest has been fantastic in sending visits to websites. It is climbing up the social network ladder of sending visits quite fast.

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    Thanks for the information and statistical insights !

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    Oh my god, I can’t believe that Pinterest is bigger than Yahoo! It’s almost like it’s not 2003 any more!

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    Correction to my previous comment:

    In August, Pinterest beat Yahoo by 0.81 percentage points which means Pinterest sent approximately 56% more traffic than Yahoo.

    Sorry about that!

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