• http://justinmcgill.net/ Justin McGill

    I think it’s centered around the development of quality content. Now, that’s easy to say, but it takes incredible amount of time and expertise in creating something that’s quality. Then there’s the promotion side of that quality content of course. For this reason, I just don’t think you can truly “scale” SEO any more. Not like in years past where you had tools that helped automated a lot of different elements.

  • http://www.krishtechnolabs.com/ Krish TechnoLabs

    Actually certain changes had occurred in SEO in 2014. Contextual relevance and position relevance are really cooperative in indexing. Only keyword stuffing doesn’t give any yield in 2014. The links eventually came naturally. You just have to be willing to put in the time and not give up.

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    EDITED: Comment intended for a different post ended up here. 2nd time that has happened.

  • http://www.belizeadventure.ca/ Lorenzo Gonzalez

    This article is a prime example of keyword stuffing…

  • http://www.warrenlee.org/ Warren Lee

    Justin, thanks for taking the time to comment. Lorenzo, I agree with Krish TechnoLabs..keyword stuffing is an outdated SEO technique, no one really cares about keyword stuffing content anymore. However, lately I’ve been meeting some SEO experts at enterprise organizations who have shared some fascinating tips relating to how content architecture can support contextual relevance. Kudos to Krish for calling this out as well. Other new SEO strategies I am exploring include gathering SEO data strategically to inform display marketing tactics, which can then be leveraged to gather more data to inform paid social and email activity. Paid efficiency from such SEO techniques can be as much as 500% ROAS. Mind blowing!

  • http://a1value.co.uk Sam Daley

    I tend to agree with Lorenzo. Your article ranke P1 for ‘Best SEO strategy for 2014’, yet is actually seriously lacking any content of substance and reads like a keyword stuffed article, with SEO repeated all over, and a few h2 thrown in for good measure.

    Sorry the comment seems a little bit rude, but it isn’t meant to be personal dig in any way, just demonstrating that despite Google’s best effort to put quality value adding content first, that a generic article on a page rank 7 site still ranks over its ‘class;.