• SEO Geek

    HTTPS should be used meaningfully where required (like Log-in, Checkout/payment pages). There’s no point in integrating it with other ranking factors just for the sake of it. Please do read: http://www.marvist.com/blog/https-small-business-website/

  • Durant Imboden

    Maybe Google could set an example by changing everything on Blogger and YouTube to HTTPS?

  • RyanMJones

    I’m not a fan of putting whole sites on SSL. Encryption uses more bits. More bits means more bandwith, more bandwith means slower sites and higher fees for people on limited mobile plans. If there’s no information being passed back and forth, e.g. a purely informational site, then I don’t see a need why it needs to be secured.

  • robdwoods

    it would also be good if Google webmaster tools could show index data for HTTPS sites first as well.

  • theRKF

    We have tested sites in 2013 to see if Google showed any preference when we served them under https only … no meaningful impact at all. But, we have the methodology in place to make it happen very quickly if the need arises this year :)

  • http://oliverworthington.com/ Ollie

    And then came heartbleed :)