• http://www.peterstringer.com Peter Stringer

    Exactly what I predicted in my blog last week. G+ for brands is not about social networking and followers as much as it’s really about SEO.


  • http://www.dcgla.com/ C.N.

    Love all the new functionalities of Google Plus. It is gonna rock than Facebook in near future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/falcondorothy Dorothy

    I love how G+ features are improving today! It can help internet marketers gain a lot of traffic!

  • K.O.S.

    So will google share any of the revneue that they generate from the G+ community ?
    It’s certain that they will be serving ads and selliing placement on G+ real-estate…
    …G+ has value because of the members community….not because of the tech and this should be recogonizes and rewarded

  • TimmyTime

    “It can help internet marketers gain a lot of traffic and much easier with”

    Wrong place to spam, as Danny Sullivan is practically a Google employee.

    So we have a monopoly, using it’s monopoly powers to drive more traffic to itself and to win new markets?

  • http://lesliestrickland.com Leslie Strickland

    Interesting note: if you look at the first screen shot — you can see how monumentally important it is to move into the first place. It almost looks as if all of the other results are pushed “below the fold” because of the site links and G+ results added to the first result. This is going to be huge for the first result, but that means the rate at which returns decrease as you go down the ranks is going to go up drastically. Anyone out there have any recent data about CTR on ranking positions? I bet the first spot CTR doubles and the 2-4 rankings CTR drop by half.