• http://www.nametrader.com/nametrader-on-twitter/ Steve Jones

    Title is misleading – Facebook’s traffic is not down, only their growth (which was inevitable).

  • Greg Finn

    Steve – you are correct, the article is somewhat misleading. Inside Facebook does clarify it a bit more in the authors comment on the post that states:

    “Regarding “traffic,” I’m referring to monthly active users, as I said in the article. I am not referring to new user signups.

    In terms of “traffic drops,” I am literally referring to lower traffic in the US and Canada.”

  • http://www.nametrader.com/nametrader-on-twitter/ Steve Jones

    Nevermind…I looked at the ALL #s being up – wow. Interesting to see them losing ground in a place like the US where they’re rabidly popular.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com George Michie

    This will be fascinating to watch. I remember seeing something similar a year or so ago regarding the fraction of people launching Twitter accounts who still use them 4 months after sign-up. Once the novelty has worn off it could be that the social shouting of updates doesn’t carry much value to anyone, and the really meaningful social conversations remain one-on-one, in which case FB is but a more convenient mechanism for email and chat. FB may end up being little more than a gaming platform a few years down the road. Anyone care to make a friendly wager that Linked-In is the more valuable property 5 years from now?