• http://www.bluecorona.com Nick

    I think Google should just stick to search and make that as relevant as possible. They’re already so far behind Facebook, both in terms of social capabilities and in people’s attitudes (aka people don’t think Google when they think social) that they should just focus on search and building up what they’re good at.

    Besides, I really can’t see social media ever fully taking over search. Even as they seem to become more and more interconnected I think people still see them as separate in their minds.

  • http://www.edeninteractive.com searchengineman

    Generally your friends don’t spam you which is why the social graph+Search is very relevant.

    Right now there is a lack of a viable search engine functions within FB right now. Hurry up BING. You’re running out of time. Give me the ability to search relevant content on my FB friends and comments so FB-BING you can serve relevant ADS, and users can navigate to old threads!

    Googles got the right idea with +1, whether they can pull it off is a separate issue.


  • http://www.marketingbudgetadvocate.com Joju Mangalam

    This reminds of eBay trying to imitate Amazon and failing in both auctions and new product retail. Why do companies go against their roots and what made them best in their fields…

  • http://www.visionefx.net Rick Vidallon

    OMG!!! Come on Larry. Google is SEARCH and Facebook is SOCIAL. Period, that’s it, end of sentence.