• http://hauntingthunder.wordpress.com/ Maurice Walshe

    MM yes there’s a lot of “forgetting” going on in Spain. So what actually is being removed i could see allegations that signore X knows where the bodies are buried being one example – and in this case I mean that figuratively Enderly phalagists trying to avoid what they did decades ago comes to mind here.

      And i think Mr. Werro is some what misguided about how European law and the Eu interact (some what worrying for a law professor)

    “In Europe you don’t have the right to say anything about anybody, even if it is true.”

    There is no european law just EU directives that individual countries pass laws to enforce. And in some cases just flagrantly ignore if they don’t like it or its upsets a powerfull lobby (Italy and france are a major offenders)

  • http://www.linkedin.com/pub/chris-bell/8/7ba/96b Chris Bell

    Privacy is a big issue, and firms that don’t make privacy part of the customer conversation, I feel, can ultimately loose sales if customers feel that they can’t do business with appropriate levels of privacy. If their information isn’t secure, they’ll go offline to do their business and that won’t be good for anyone. Good marketers understand the differing business conditions in other countries,and try to shed their own cultural biases and preconceptions. While Spain may be reacting extremely to this issue, it comes from a legitimate place.