• Tian_Mian

    I agree with RetailMeNot. It’s temporary. Sooner or later they’ll exchange a few emails with Google to find out what exactly needs to be changed to escape Panda’s frightening teeth.

    I cannot imagine Google is letting its own child falling down the cliff.

  • Scott Davis

    They don’t need to wait for Google…

    Their content is crap. Yes, I know… they’re all coupons or some sort of deal, but as for consumable content, the site has none.

    Panda targets thin and crappy content, duplicate content, spammy content…

    A+B=Panda here.

  • http://ppmmdd.com/ Brian MacDonald

    The coupon group as a whole is spammy and likely to be indirectly targeted by future updates – if not singled out and directly targeted at some point. Relevance is key.

  • Darthjr

    ah it’s a coupon site. Thin content is actually a good thing from a users point of view. I want to know who the coupon is from and when it expires. I really don’t want a wikipedia article about the coupon. Plus these coupons usually come via an api in the thousands. How in the hell would you program for that? Would you write unique content for every single coupon?

  • http://www.clifhaley.com/ Clif Haley

    If I’m looking for coupons, what more consumable content do I need?

  • iamthomas.wong

    Was that a butterfly effect? Google releases Panda 4.0 > Searchmetrics forecasts the decrease in traffic to RetailMeNot > Articles are strewn across the web about this > Shareholders sell out on RetailMeNot and value goes down? While in reality there wasn’t much decrease in traffic.
    Does Searchmetrics have a greater responsibility to release more accurate information or are people too reliant on unfounded reports?