• http://www.jonathanwagner.ca vectoron

    Eric’s answer is horrible. The real answer should be because they don’t want system gaming. If Google revealed the “list” you would get the same problem we had in the past with meta keyword stuffing. Users would not benefit from Google releasing the list, SEO companies would benefit because they would know how to game the system to artificially raise rank. The whole premise behind Google is to logically index and rank content without the need of any kind of SEO. Just because you can tailor your content to get you a higher rank doesn’t mean your content is more relevant, it just means you have gamed the system. In many ways SEO is actually degrading the quality of results, and if Google released the list, it would just be worse.

  • http://www.npromote.com Davor Bomestar

    @vectron – and in many ways SEO is actually helping the quality of results. When I look for some local results I can’t find some basic information because all the sites localy are very poorly optimized. With better and broader SEO awerness many SERPs pages would be a lot relevant.

  • David_lou

    Surly there is a difference between user data portability and the details of an algorithm.