• http://www.nonlinear.ca Randy woods

    This is a very helpful post. Our firm maintains areas of practice in both SEO and content management solution deployment and we’re always fighting to understand the implications of a specific CMS for search engine rankings. We’ve come to the conclusion that poor selection or execution of a CMS can destroy your search traffic; perfect “SEO-friendly” execution is deeply unlikely to increase traffic from highly competitive phrases, but will drive increases in long tail traffic.

    We’ve included a case study demonstrating this effect in our whitepaper on SEO and CMS Best Practices. It’s due for an update so I’d appreciate any comments the community might have. It’s available at http:/www.nonlinear.ca/seo-cms

  • http://www.travel.blizzardemail.com Mary Bowling

    I am curious as to the “why” behind tag clouds helping to increase your traffic from the SE’s. Are they helping you to rank higher?
    Are they helping you to be found for more terms? Are they theming your site and its pages?
    All of these? Something else?

  • http://www.indexbizz.com/ allure

    Keywords in urls is soon going to be a thing of the past along with the religiously correct ‘oh so important’ seoed titles and meta tags. (http://searchengineland.com/070517-084637.php itself does not have any keywords stuffed)

    Make it all natural buddy! Provide quality and focus on user retention. Search Engines will love you !…

  • http://www.bossdesign.net Randy Duermyer

    This is a really great piece, Stephan. I only wish I’d seen it when it was first posted – at least I was able to find it from a link in one of today’s SE Land’s posting. CMS and shopping cart software providers really need this information as far too many just don’t have a clue.