• Andrewv

    Where’s Danny when you need him? How can you report on the most significant online activities and exclude 2 of the top 4 in the meat of the article. Also consider those 2 are the MOST controversial and volatile. Everyone and their mother knows that a lot of people use the internet for email and search – that’s been the same for 4 years – what every decent search marketer and internet junkie on this site wants to see is how exponentially video and social media are growing.

    It’s frustrating to see such a great site miss it’s mark by so much. I read the full article, I saw the lame 50 word attempt at getting video and social in there, but it’s an embarrassment from such a good establishment. SEL has also been better than the competition because they understood their audience and didn’t just repost any piece of information that seemed somewhat relevant to their core topics.

    Everyone’s busy these days, and we read SEL because we know we don’t have to weed through stuff like this to get to the real articles. Very disappointed.

  • Matt McGee

    Andrew, don’t you think that “every decent search marketer” also knows how exponentially video and social media are growing? Pretty sure they do. Video and social media have been growing rapidly for YEARS now. Nothing new. To be frank, this study didn’t have any real surprises in it, which is why I decided it didn’t need a super, in-depth recap. Sorry that you felt otherwise.