• http://technology.guardian.co.uk/weekly/story/0,,2044595,00.html Seth Finkelstein

    Maybe (South) Korea does things differently, but that sounds like a HUGE incentive for identity-theft. In the US, one of the problems with using credit-card numbers for age verification is that it gives yet another incentive to steal them. But you can, with hassle, change a credit-card number if it’s misused. Seems like creating this problem with national id numbers would be a very bad idea.

  • http://michaelzimmer.org/2007/05/19/google-korea-to-log-national-ids-for-some-searches/ michaelzimmer

    My concern is whether the national ID number is logged with every search. By saying “the user does not have to go through the verification process again” does Google mean that a simple flag that “user is old enough” is associated with the cookie/IP, or the actual ID number? If the latter, this is a significant threat to user privacy and autonomy.