• Stupidscript

    “Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl, a vocal Google critic…” Bias, anyone?

    If the single thing to come out of this is an accurate description of why anyone thinks Google is some sort of monopoly, I would love it! Up until now, I have not read/heard any sensible equation between Google and a body that is required to be investigated for anti-trust behavior: It’s free to use, there are dozens of similar options a mouse click away, people need to CHOOSE to use Google by entering it’s address into their browser, clicking a shortcut, or setting up their browser to use Google … need I go on?

    This smells not a little of lobbyist activity aligned with a sympathetic legislator.

  • Common-sense

    Stupidscript, please stop using those silly arguments. You don’t understand an iota of what the issue is about. This has nothing to do with “Google’s customers” ‘s ability to use other search engines or sites. This has to do with Google being unfair to other business. Google users aren’t complaining, BUSINESS are. Antitrust issues.

    “allegations raised by e-commerce websites that compete with Google that they are being treated unfairly in search ranking, and in their ability to purchase search advertising. ”

    And no, Google doesn’t have to be a “monopoly” (your definition of monopoly) in order to follow antitrust rules. You also obviously don’t understand what a monopoly is for Jesus Christ! Sorry but you just p…d in my cereal bowl. Your argument is no different that those “Google is a business and they can do whatever they want” arguments you see all over. No they can’t. Bing and Yahoo can but Google certainly can’t. Please go to business school. Google is not a Mom & Pop business or a lemonade stand!

  • Common-sense

    “It’s free to use, there are dozens of similar options a mouse click away,”

    When IE deal, there was Netscape and a few other browsers too. You just don’t understand what a monopoly is. Please don’t use Wikipedia.