• http://www.BlueHorseradish.com Larry

    The link building discussion is interesting but I’m not surprised that the percentage there is low. I am surprised that use of XML sitemaps is so low (near the bottom of the list, 46% for all respondents, 66% for strategic responders. Wonder if it’s just that the people who answered the survey just didn’t know that XML sitemaps were being used?

  • http://www.redmudmedia.com Ralph

    Yes, I would’ve expected the XML option to be up there with the basic house keeping items. Also pretty surprised to see SEO landing pages not feature more prominently as this also seems an obvious tactic.
    he same can be said for competitor bench marking because I’d have thought that would be one of the first things a novice would look at… new clients who are fresh to SEO almost always refer to another site they wish to emulate. I guess there’s a difference between actual bench marking with rankings, link analysis etc and simply reading a bit about SEO and then going and optimizing your title tags like a competitor…

  • Reg Charie

    I am surprised that the amount of external link building is so high.
    Google tells us that it is black hat if done in an effort to influence search results.

    Google’s Susan Mowska has again stepped up to reinforce her comment that PageRank is not a metric to use for SERPs.

  • Matt McGee

    Reg – I think you might have read a misquote or been mislead. Google has never said that link building is black hat. They have, however, warned against BUYING links in an attempt to influence search results.