• stanparker

    That article was really informative. I just got Google Music. And as cool as it is, you nailed its major shortcoming right on the head — it has about zilch capacity for sharing. Google should know by now that that’s how the internet works.

    Of all the music sharing/listening sites out there, though, you failed to mention Grooveshark. It’s still my go-to for on-demand listening, sharing playlists, and being able to embed a song anywhere I want. Even on Facebook.

  • http://damionbrown.com Damion Brown

    If one of the finest minds in Search can’t work out sharing on G+, I don’t hold out much hope for the online population at large!

    Spotify-to-spotify sharing is always going to win out for me, even without an active Facebook account it works (even if it takes a while to set up.)

  • http://www.patrickwagner.com Patrick

    Yesterday all day my Google + page was filled with posts that included Music from Goole, so people are really using it. I found it did make it very easy to share & listen to music you might not otherwise. Try it out – you’ll like it.