• http://btzweb.com/blog waltgoshert

    Everyone seems to forget or dismiss Google in the Social Space. While others are concerned that Google knows too much about them or their business.

    One thing is certain: Google isn’t going away and social elements ARE going to play a big role in local search.

    Every local brick and mortar biz would be wise to saddle up, get on the Google horse and start riding.

  • http://www.audettemedia.com Adam Audette

    This is absolutely right on, Jordan. Think of Knol for example – http://knol.google.com – which rewards steady and quality contributions with clean followed links: http://knol.google.com/k/follow-vs-nofollow-links-in-knol. Knol never really became what some thought it would – a Wiki killer – but it’s still there and it still works to pass pagerank when used correctly. There are so many social ‘touch points’ Google has, great job outlining that point and reminding us that social isn’t just about Digg, Stumble, etc.