• http://www.neverpaintagain.co.uk/ NPA Home Improvements

    Why couldn’t Google just LEAVE THINGS THE WAY THEY WERE! Roll back 5 years I say!

  • Josh Kellett

    I’m fully not in agreement with a lot of what Google does, but these for-profit companies banding together to try to litigate their way into larger market share is kind of sad. Google puts billions of dollars into their search engine, I’m not sure how Microsoft and Expedia and the like think they can claim partial ownership of its direction.

  • http://www.extremsportgear.com/ George Frak

    I dont Beleive it! Just let google be google

  • Durant Imboden

    There’s an easy solution: The EU could require Google to redirect a percentage of search queries to its competitors. This would protect the FairSearch thugs from the whims of consumers. (At the same time, maybe the EU could require a specified percentage of European consumers to buy Windows phones and BlackBerries, regardless of what those consumers want.)

  • treb072410

    I agree with you @neverpaintagainuk:disqus.. Thanks for sharing…

  • daveintheuk

    10 blue links worked for me.

  • daveintheuk

    Well of course. Greedy private companies will always out manoeuvre well meaning, but ineffective regulators. Regulators say “provide links to competitors”, Google will do that (I love that they get to choose who they “compete” with) – but you can be damn sure they will make sure nobody clicks those links. This is something Google is already doing all over their site when quoting “sources” etc.