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    True and not true. I realise that’s ‘Link Week’ and all, but your article is heavily slanted in one direction. I absolutely agree that link building is a vital route to site promotion (both for the SEs and the users attention), but its not everything.

    If someone tells me that a trtee is about to fall down, then it had better be a decent tree when I get there – not just a sapling or ancient old trunk that was going to fall anyway. It is vital that – for all the link building you can do – that the website is of high quality in itself. If everyone in the world is telling me thorugh blogs, articles and other media to go and read Time Magazine, or check out http://www.searchengineland.com then it had better be a good read when I get there. Not only will I leave immeidately if it isn’t but the SEs aren’t going to think much either.

    This is then the argument for ‘organic’ link building – if you have a good product then news will travel fast. Ok so this is completely true and not a great strategy for a competitive business, but it a theory that provides balance to your link-buiding argument.

    I’m sure in essence that you agree, but it’s worth a few lines at least.