• http://wefollow.com/Red_Mud_Rookie Ralph du Plessis

    Wow! That is an incredible rant that took some balls to distribute in the way he did.

  • http://martinsoler.com Martin Soler

    Excellent rant, and I’ll say it makes me look at Google as a better company. In the end a good honest rant may even help PR. And he makes some excellent points on any tech company and how important platforms are. Not that I agree with everything especially how that is FBs strong point. Apple and FB did one thing which gave them global market penetration and that’s good design. The end user sees that before anything else.

  • A.H.

    Clearly there are many people who realize Google has spread themselves too thinly. The Beta tag isn’t cute anymore. This guy really explained what many of the users are seeing in a way that probably rocked Larry and his gang like a swift one to the balls.

    The non-search Google experience is so disjointed at the moment. I can’t believe they think anything, other than Adwords, is “enterprise ready.”

    Hope his memo hit home…

  • Winooski

    Probably no small amount of celebratin’ taking place at Facebook right now…

  • http://aarongoldman.net Aaron Goldman

    What about Android? Certainly seems to check the “platform” box?