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    I’m thinking we’ll need both an iPad and iPhone for the different work scenarios and especially until iPad becomes a better multimedia platform with camera and video. Plus I can’t really see using the bigger footprint as a phone. Together, however, I think they will rock. It may take some time for App developers to work with the new display format, but I doubt it will take too long. Can”t wait to see how this new platform works out.

  • Stupidscript

    “..waiting at a stop light while in traffic..”

    Please resist the urge to include this type of recommendation in future articles. It is incredibly dangerous to be paying attention to a mobile device while driving, and there is simply not enough time while waiting at a signal to do anything valuable with such a device. I can’t tell you have mny hundreds of times I (and no doubt thousands of other people) have been sitting behind a driver who thought it was a good idea to text a little something to a playmate instead of paying attention to the road, or to whether the light had changed. (BTW … it changed about the time you started hearing all of those horns blaring in the back of your mind.) And then the driver typically continues to text frantically as they pull into traffic.

    Driving + cell phones = dangerous, selfish behavior
    Driving + texting = even worse

    Please promote healthy, safe driving practices. Thank you.

  • http://thesocialrobot.com Kelsey Childress

    @stupidscript: You are right. Texting behind the wheel is as dangerous as drunk driving and should never been deemed “acceptable”. Hopefully readers realize the dangers of this activity and don’t follow my advice. :)

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    Hi Kelsey,

    We agree with your post and think the iPad is going to be the next big thing.
    I am specially interested in the potential the iPad has for content providers (publishers/appdevelopers/game devs)—because we think is huge.

    However, the current monetization options, in the iPad/iPhone ecosystem have for content providers that rely on advertising is somewhat limited to CPC advertising. Currently, CPC bids range from $0.03 to $0.40 in most adnetworks—we think as more brand advertisers join mobile advertising the CPC rates are going to increase.

    However, this increase in CPC bids is going to eliminate completely any ads of small/independent game developers because their CPC bids are max at 70% of their app’s price which on average is $1.29, and publishers receive only 60% of that, meaning Publisher can get a max CPC from app developers of 42% of the apps’ price. A higher CPC from brand advertisers is going to affect the CTR of those ads–so its not a very promising scenario for content providers.

    As co-founder of Presiso (www.presiso.com), we have been working on an advertising platform for the iPad/iPhone that let’s app developers share appstore revenue with publishers. Meaning that Publishers advertise iPad/iPhone games/apps and get paid a percentage of the apps price .

    We are welcoming publisher/developers/ to participate in our pilot campaign, if anyone is interested. I can be reached via twitter @moreno_raul for any questions/comments/ideas/suggestions.

    I am very exited about the opportunites the iPad will offer.

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