• MommyCutts

    I am Matt Cutts mom and I don’t like how you are all treating my little boy. Matt, daddy and I still wuv you very much. I heard that you are doing very well at work sweetie – keep it up (and that is in no way a reference to issues you were having last night *wink* *wink*). BTW I hope that horrid rash has cleared up sweetheart. You will allways be mommy and daddy’s little penguin…

  • http://twitter.com/ekachue Paramita Eka Rani

    Google is just being unfair, they took cute animal to name their algorithm, while they act like a wild animal -____-

  • http://www.baratilla.com/ Jay Baratilla

    You guys should start posting Polls about this update. So we might know how many percents received negative or positive impact to their websites from this wobbling update of Google algorithm.

  • JamieHudson

    Hilarious! I don’t disagree with any of those statements!

  • what23333

    google is penalizing sites with too many ads above their content? How about their own search results? Diet pills? Weight loss pills? Penny stocks? Viagra? I can see all the ads above natural SERPs with very thin coloring for the adwords ads

  • ju1cedd

    What a joke.
    We should be able to open a class action lawsuit against Google. It should be against the law to crush so many businesses with the click of a button.
    Come on Bing, pick up the pace please.

  • http://www.developmentcatalyst.blogspot.com/ Development Catalyst Admin

    Great ! Penguin- This name is just fine.Too many ads on the site should be avoided;it’s not new.

  • rayhdouglas

    This is the biggest piece of crap joke ever, I’m done with everything Google related.  They have really pissed us off now.  Bye Bye adsense, adwords, chrome, analytics, google + and everything else google related.   Tell your friends and family to stop using google, if it’s not the monopoly, spying on people, evil crap they’re doing at least the crappy results should get people changing search engines.    I have had enough of this roller coaster nonsense.

  • gbfhsghtr

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  • http://improvememory-reviewpros.com Ileana

    Google ought to stop naming their updates after cute animals no one could ever hate. Names like “white hat death” and “puke plunge” would be more appropriate.

  • WhatNextNow

    Dear Google,

    You’re messing with us now. You’re making money with us and disappointing us by frequently making non-sense changes.

    It is now showing crap results as this is what you wanted to show to improve USER experience?

    Hey Facebook, comeup with a new good search engine, we’re with you! You’ll get 50% marketshare from first month as there are 67% frustrated webmasters here wasting their time with Google.

    Another proof: Google loves big brands, no matter how crap their content is!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Romaine/100002268691683 John Romaine

    Many of my sites have been absolutely hammered. One site in particular got pushed back to page 83. It hasnt yet come back. Its all original content. Nothing black hat at all. Whats really frustrating is that sites that have scraped my content are now appearing on the first page of Google. Totally pissed.

  • http://www.jaysongopi.in/ Jayson Gopi

    Well i dunno wat to say, well penguin will also be rolling like Panda? But i hope these will give some good changes… Thank you

  • http://socialvani.com/ Chitraparna Sinha

    Google is becoming very evil now. I have nothing against the updates but the way it is molding the search engine rankings is a reason enough to worry. Its showing all crap content and excellently written pieces of work is down the line…..ignored and stomped on. 

    What are you doing Google? Has the search engine turned into a bubble just waiting to burst and cause chaos? It seems Google has created a giant it can’t handle anymore. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6KS4O6INC2VJC6O3XEJOA3RJO4 Kamalakannan JS

    On of my site with 6000 visitors getting only 600 vistors now. Very dangerous google you are not having rights to change our businees. You totally plugged our business. You’re judging our wealth its impossible. You can’t survive with this kind of bad update. Soon some one may overtake you. Please revert your changes to old one.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6KS4O6INC2VJC6O3XEJOA3RJO4 Kamalakannan JS

    On of my site with 6000 visitors getting only 600 vistors now. Very dangerous google you are not having rights to change our businees. You totally plugged our business. You’re judging our wealth its impossible. Please revert your changes to old one.

  • weirdisland

    That’s a brilliant summation of the quandary that Google have caused: no-one knows any more. Great question.

  • Retheesh Nair

    One of my friend’s website is also affected by this google update. I think it had happened because of the “over optimization”. He has optimized each and every page on the website. His website is related with India tourism and its url is http://www.indiatourism.travel/ . Earlier, its position in SERP was on first page and now it goes to 15th page. A great decline!!! I also couldn’t predict what will happen next…Whether the website position comes back to its previous state in SERP. Eventhough it is a good information portal, google affects its listings. I ‘m now really confused about helping my friend. Could you please suggest a good way???

  • Xristos Kostouros

    You may look here for a recent case study. Google’s Action admit the existense of Negative SEO.

  • ercotravels

    Disaster for everyone……..Not good…….. Manopoly from google

  • http://twitter.com/browsewire B’wire Consulting

    Its quite indicative that Google loves animals. Thats why the Engine Giant names its updates after cute looking animals. Earlier Panda, now Penguin,  next may be Polar bear (it is also white in color like panda, penguin)

  • http://famous-logos.net/ Ghufran memon

    What’s next? 
    Dalmatians? :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Hadden/100000492016952 Steve Hadden

    If Larry Page is searching for “user love”, destroying millions of legitimate small online businesses is not the way to go. Google is very quickly fostering a movement of hate against itself and it’s arrogant PR spokesman, Matt Cutts. My 10+ year old online business has lost thousands of dollars already this year. This will certainly trickle down through the economy.

  • Royal_Martin

    I deleted my Google+ account.. at the end of the delete process it asks why you are deleting the account… Penguin Update. I am sure my efforts wont amount to a hill of crap to them but Morally I feel good about not doing business with this company. I hope Apple and Facebook hands Google its ass.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    This is not an over optimization penalty. It’s a spam penalty.

  • Michel Adey

    After receiving a Google mouse and 10x of 100$ Google Engage vouchers by mail last week and seeing what is going on right now, we should prepare to see Adwords invade the top 10 positions!

    One of my site first page position with good content and low bounce rate have been replace with big guys with brandname, big PR and lots of backlinks!!! Very confused!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.bunata Michael Bunata

    This is so ridiculous…. I have been on the Internet for over 6 years… At one time I was making a lot of money online… Google has also affected my online income as well… I hope their stock takes a dive and it get their act together.

  • Pat Grady

     “Come on Facebook. Come and save us…” = future Facebook hater.

  • Pat Grady

     (insert penguin in a blender joke here)

  • http://www.tylerherrick.com Tyler Herrick

    I’m sure you, who does client-biased SEO, knows better than the 33,000 Google employees who focus on delivering higher-quality results. If you even believe for a second that Google is “trying” to do things that would promote more gaming of the system, you’re out of your mind.  Do you honestly think that Google would have not tested this before releasing? I bet the perception of being penalized for “over-optimization” is having more of an effect than actual sites being penalized is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Hotmodel/100003744075299 Jason Hotmodel

    I’m not too worried about updates like this, I just keep my power tools updated (wink) http://tinyurl.com/SEOPenguin

  • http://www.clearitwaste.co.uk/ rubbish clearance london

    We are a winner in the Google Penguin update. We only rely on quality white hat methods for our SEO. It’s been the same all along with penguin,panda etc. build on quality.

  • http://www.clearitwaste.co.uk/ rubbish clearance london

    We are the winners of Google Penguin for doing quality SEO. Our site has been slowly going up  because of quality link building techniques.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FKEYZ2K33MYKK2S74DPF7K4JH4 Flossi Floss

    Not surprised this lost its ranking – Dr David Sutton … hehehe … no self respecting doctor would recommend HBNoMore

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sripal-Dissanayake/100003500698783 Sripal Dissanayake


  • Dorsi Diaz

    I agree. After writing high quality content rich articles at HubPages for over 4 years, I just got slapped silly with this newest “update”. Very upset about this latest onslaught from Google. We need a level playing field!

  • http://suckmytrend.com/ Ashley Pearson

    Things that make you go hmm.

  • http://twitter.com/ViaggiareLowCos Giulia Raciti

    It sounds to me like google wants us to spend our money in PPC. That’s it. Sad Days

  • MyFatPenguin

    Will it help when you find someone that has been spamming you to use this in your .htaccess file

    order allow,deny
    deny from spammingcompetitor.comg
    .allow from all

    We need a way to fight back because so many spammers will never remove those links.

  • keyserholiday

    Google is pushing Youtube videos and Google Maps over organic listings. I did a search for asphalt repair and see the map take up the whole screen and then I scroll down and see 2 natural serps and shopping results and then a few organic results and then 3 youtube videos and then more organic results. One of my sites had no SEO and it dropped to page 2. Another sites has no SEO and the traffic has spiked. Its not a level playing field. Its a Google balanced field

  • Anna Tsang

    @chapcoolboy:disqus : I hope that would happen!
    I think all we have to do is measure our websites’ keyword weight and density and rewrite it. After, ping it so Google will re-crawl the site. http://outoftheboxweb.com.ph/

  • http://www.captivate-seo.blogspot.in/ SEO Cape Town

    In one way it is as if Google is trying to make life harder on SEO and the SEO industry which concludes to me as typical developers. On the other hand, they are dong a great job at telling people that SEO is about moderation, don’t OVER FUCKING OPTIMIZE. 

  • Dan Kern

    Wait, so all this work I’ve been doing to build links from relevant sites is paying off? Great!

  • Global E-Business

    Still I did not get properly on “keyword stuffing”. What to be done to avoid it? Should we not target more keywords for a single page?

  • Tempsens seo


  • Tempsens seo
  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ONWUBI4HZXBP5NMSAW3MHSZILM Natalya Stevens

    On best-inexpensive-web-hosting.com/penguin-algorithm-update-bad-search-results-in-google I read that the search results aren’t good anymore after Penguin. I tested it myself with a search term that always brought me good search results in the past: “email prospects”. When testing this now, after Penguin, I get much more low quality results.

  • kpranjeet12

    google updates that is very good work so , who is per months updates so very good i want this is work monthly ……. that’s nice work …