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    Did I just teleport myself back to 1996 or something?

    / Bing’s direct answers come from Bing having human intervention to create those answers, something Google has perversely prided itself in not doing. But it may be that to win the direct answer game, Google will have to let go of its “algorithms rule all” mindset. /

    Google most certainly employs a good number of people to curate search. That isn’t news. How visible their work is an what it directly impacts is another conversation.

    What’s news is Danny believes that Google is a purely algorithm only search listings. Google isn’t as algorithm based as they now sell themselves to be.

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    Anyone who uses Google News would not be surprised to know they use human filters. I’ve had to turn off the Tech news section because of the obvious bias. This was just one of the more egregious examples:


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    In all reality, Google may have the most active group of humans constantly sculpting the results of any site on the web – I’m talking about all of the search marketers who constantly refine their AdWords campaigns.

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    #3 If you read between the lines is Google scraping the Share button data on websites to gain social insight?