• http://www.leadsnearby.com/ Bob Misita

    Excellent post – and highly helpful to get folks thinking about location as a very important decision point for consumers.

    I’d suggest that the definition of multi-location can be expanded. We all recognize that for a local service-type company (think hvac, plumbing, etc) they have a well defined service area consisting of many cities (around their physical location). What we see is that even local retail storefronts can benefit from thinking of themselves as multi-location — with each location being a city from which their customers are drawn. I’ll call this their “Influence Area.”

    So instead of traveling to a customer (standard service area), retail stores have customers travel to them (from their influence area). The question now is how to follow step 3 above – Optimize, Publish & Distribute – to capitalize on all these potential location points. My contention is that by following these steps, any ‘local’ business can improve their local SEO.

    Have a methodology and/or tool to:

    Step 1 – capture the user generated content from your staff and customers. This would include summary information about what solutions your team offers along with the legitimately obtained reviews of customers

    Step 2 – make sure the content is optimized (in this case we’ll say through the use of structured data, rich snippets, schema.org).

    Step 3 – publish this content to your own website leveraging schema along with appropriate city refinement and social media outlets.

  • Sweta Srivastava

    Hi I have one question………suppose i have three different address for my business.. Should i need to create three different profile or is there any option in most of the citation sites to add multiple address?


  • http://www.paulbruemmer.com/ Paul Bruemmer

    Search engines and directories provide the option for one business profile to submit multiple locations. Each business location should have its own location landing page URL, with its own unique localized content. This provides search engines and directories with a local unique specific and relevant URL to match-up with your business profile.

  • Sweta Srivastava

    So Paul, If i have a business with three location , then ill be putting three listing on same site????